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[Database Corrections] What Is The Correct Name Of Polaris?


When im searching for the word "polaris", there is only found the "Beta UMi" for polaris. But polaris is "Alpha UMi". In the "Sky Safari 6" when my friend is searching for "polaris", it found "Alpha UMi". At the Sky Safaro Pro, it found only "Beta UMi", see the screenshot.

Is that a bug?

Thank you for answer.



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    Dirk Lenz

    Hi Dane,

    never trust anything “Pro” ;-)

    Well, at least the desktop version of SkySafari 6 Pro is showing the proper designation “Alpha Ursae Minoris”.

    Perhaps it’s an error in the German localization. I’m sure this will be fixed in an upcoming update.

    Gruß, Dirk


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    Dane Vetter

    Hi Dirk

    That would be great if the bug is fixed in the next update.

    There is a desktop version of Sky Safari Pro? For Windows?

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    Dirk Lenz

    Nope. I am running the english Mac version, which doesn’t offer additional languages yet – so no chance to switch to German and check if your error shows up.

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