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When Installing Starry Night Pro 8 On Windows 10 Are The ASCOM Components Required? (Answer: During Install Uncheck Option To Install ASCOM)


Pretty simple question (I hope)...

Can Starry Night Pro (v8.x on Windows) be installed without the ASCOM components?  I have a computer that I'm not going to do telescope control from and would prefer to leave the ASCOM stuff off.



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Steve, 

    When you run the installer you may be able to "uncheck" the option to instal ASCOM components.  If you can not uncheck the option you can uninstall ASCOM components like you uninstall all software on Windows 10.


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    Steven Marty

    There is no deselection option in the setup UI.  I am aware I can uninstall the components but as we all know, things rarely uninstall cleanly in Windows and I'd prefer not to have the components install in the first place.  Is there a command line switch to bypass the ASCOM component installation?

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