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[Tablet Review] Skysafari 6 works well with Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T713)


i wanted an inexpensive android device which I could use with skysafari 6 plus app to control my Wi-fi Celestron 6SE. Wanted to be able to hold the device in one hand (so 7-8 inch). Also wanted gyro and compass, enough space (for this and normal other apps) and enough oomph to run this app, 2.4Ghz Wi-fi and > android 4.4. Looked at the secondhand market (eBay) and found lots of used Samsung galaxy tab s2. I selected a used Samsung galaxy sm-t713 which had everything everything I wanted. 2.4 and 5Ghz Wi-fi, 8 inch screen, 32GB (expandable with microsd up to 128GB), android v7 with inbuilt compass and gyro. Picked it up for £100 and there were quite a few second hand Samsung tab s2 around this price point. Delighted to report works very well with skysafari plus to control my Celestron 6SE and all for around £100. Bought a case for it that has straps so can put around my neck. Perfect relatively cheap solution (for me).


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    Kevin Pirnie

    Works like a champion on the S6 Lite tablet too

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    Robert Lang

    I tried a Galaxy Tab S2 that was year 2018 from a back market group.  It's model number was SM-T719.  It had the features of gyro and compass and even had GPS (no WiFi nor data service needed) but it could not run the software SkySafari 6 Plus.  The touchscreen user interface was rather touch-and-go and became quite frustrating (long delays or pauses when tapping or dragging the touchscreen) and the accelerometer was failing telescope control (Tilt to Slew).  I returned it claiming it had the frills, but not the basic.  I compared it to an $80 tablet from a Walmart and clearly saw the difference.  If you are willing to let go of the compass feature, I would recommend a tablet that runs SkySafari without flaw and has a good accelerometer.  Tilt-to-Slew works just fine with a straight accelerometer and is helpful when observing through the eyepiece.  The Walmart brand was Onn. 

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