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[Feature Request] New earth model for pro plus 7 depicting...

SCRIPT FOR New earth model for pro plus 7 depicting replacing conventional model with a model of the earth without the 23.5 degree tilt AT 12,800 Yrs GO-- ROUGHLY 10,000 BC Can anyone write a script like this for me

I will pay well-- this is not a joke-- plus an additional /combined model depicting the solar system where Venus comes into the solar system from the Oort cloud around the same time as a separate script
I will explain my intentions and theories in private correspondence--
The publication of my 40 years research hinges upon the data I expect to glean from such a survey of the night sky corresponding to

What i believe are pre flood megalithic structures in obvious corresponding locations r4evealed against a star map scene depicted from viewing the stars without a 23.5 degree tilt from the earth-- lets go down the rabbit hole shall we? i'll pay the expenses



not a joke-- take me seriously-- im willing to pay handsomely even hiring starrynight developers


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