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In SkySafari Pro The Meridian Line Turns Off When Switching Apps On iOS (Answer: We Will Fix In Next Update)

Sorry to report.

Just installed Skysafari pro v, running on Ipad pro 11" , IOS v 13.1.3,

Equipment Celestron CGX mount, Skyportal 3rd generation WiFi module,
With Nexstar+ HC or  Starsense hand control
Ipad Pro 11”, IOS v 13.3.1


 I connect Ipad to Celestron WiFi, then run Skysafari Pro., connect to Celestron WiFi.

In SkySafari Pro , under Settings, GRID & REFERENCE, Reference lines,
I toggle MERIDIAN LINE ON., click Done

Meridian Line appears on screen.
I then Swipe up on ipad, go to another app. (Skysafari  disconnects  WIFI)

Return to Pro
Pro auto reconnects to Celestron Scope WiFi
MERIDIAN LINE is no longer visible. When I look under settings, MERIDIAN LINE is OFF
ALL other REFERENCE LINES remain enabled/displayed when I switch focus from Skysafari app to another app and back.

If I use the DISCONNECT in Pro, then CONNECT, the MERIDIAN LINE remains ON.
If I DISCONNECT in PRO, then switch apps , connect to a new APP, then Return to Pro
and CONNECT in Pro, the MERIDIAN LINE stays ON.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Take care



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