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How To Connect SkySafari 6 Pro + SkyFi 2 + StellarCat ServoCat Argo Navis Via USB? (Answer: Read On!)


I’m hoping somebody can assist.

I have owed and loved using my SDM telescope since June 2014 and it has been flawless until recently. The telescope is fully kitted with StellarCat ServoCat, Argo Navis and SkyFi  V2 Wi-Fi.

At a recent Star Party, I noticed the ServoCat wasn’t working and upon inspection I found the internal fused had blown. After replacing the fuse with the one taped to the inside of the cover, the ServoCat came back to life and it has been working well since. I have absolutely no problem driving the telescope through the Argo Navis.

My problem stems from my SkyFi V2. Since the issue, I have not been able to establish a telescope connection between the SkyFi and the ServoCat systems The SkyFi unit powers on, the status lights look ok, I’ve tried a few different USB cables between the units and no success.

I have checked my settings within Sky Safari on the iPad which I like to use to drive the telescope and all looks correct. I can use my iPad to establish a Wi-Fi connection successfully to the SkiFi V2 unit, but when I try to connect the Sky Safari app to the Telescope it can’t establish a connection – I’m guessing this is through the USB cable. At this point I get a msg saying something like "Sky Safari can connect wirelessly to the Sky Fi, but your telescope is not responding"
So, I’ve unclear where my problem actually lies and wonder whether:
• Is there any way I can test the USB connection on the SkyFi unit to see if it’s still working?
• Anything else you can recommend    



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Paul, 

    Please review this document:

    Confirm your setup is correct.  Confirm your cable pinouts are correct.  Make sure you align the mount before trying to connect with SkySafari.



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    Keiron Smith

    Also, I do not think the SkyFi USB port is made for, and works with, ServoCat mounts.  Did you succeed using the USB port previously?

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