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How To Fix Starry Night Pro 8 Missing Streaming High Resolution Moon Textures? (Answer: Install Again > Custom > Complete > Check All - Read On!)

I recently purchased SNP 8, and am running version 8.06.1978 on a 27" iMac in Catalina 10.15.3 equipped with a Radeon Pro 580 8 GB.

As I zoom into the Moon, for each apparent zoom level, most of the high-resolution textures show, but some of them are rendered as black squares. Interestingly, as I cycle through the phases, the missing squares will sometimes fill in, or will fill in with the light coming from the wrong direction, as if it turns out to be calculating the lighting from the wrong direction when rendering.

Turning off the Terrain Shadows "solves" this issue, namely because it goes from the rendered photographic moon textures to the flat illustration.

Note that in all cases, I have waited for the "Streaming # files" note in the bottom left to conclude (during which *some* of the black rectangles will fill in).

Any thoughts on a solution to this issue?


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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Jeff, 

    Please attach screenshots of this issue.

    For a solution, you could make a new installation and choose Custom > Complete > check that all components are installed.

    This will remove the streaming of planetary and moon maps.


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    Jeff Reinecke

    Thanks Keiron,

    Installing all the components locally did the trick. It seems as though something about the streaming caches may have been corrupted, but that is just conjecture from my point of view. In any event, installing all the data locally solved my issue, and that solution works for me.

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