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How Come The SkySafari 6 Pro Telescope Controls Are Not Showing When Using Celestron Wifi + SkyProdigy 130? (Answer: Switch From Push-To To Go-To)

I may have found a bug in SS6. I’m using a Celestron WiFi setup on a SkyProdigy 130 equipped with a SkyQLink2 module. The telescope controls aren’t showing completely whenever I connect SS6 to the telescope. I tried connecting it to the SkyPortal app and it immediately showed the Telescope controls that I was looking for. I was fiddling with the SS6 settings to see if I can locate any setting I’ve missed. After I toggled some settings, the Telescope controls I was looking for miraculously appeared. I immediately closed the app to see if it will work again when I try reconnecting it but alas it the controls weren’t there anymore.


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    Ernest L

    Since the forum isn’t allowing me to up load any images. I uploaded evident comparisons between ss6 and SkyPortal’s telescope control in imgur:

    notice the last 2 images doesn’t have the arrow controls for the Telescope. 1st photo was taken from the SkyPortal app.

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    Keiron Smith

    The first image says "Go To".  The second and third image says "Push To".  The latter Push To option does not use arrow keys for scope control.  Please change this setting in Telescope Setup options.


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