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When The IOS Feature “ALLOW MULTIPLE APPS” Is Enabled + Celestron WiFi Then The Dec Axis Slew Remains Active When Finger Is Removed From Screen (Answer: Read On!)

Using skysafari pro v

Equipment Celestron CGX mount, Skyportal 3rd generation WiFi module,

With or without Starsense

Ipad Pro 11”, IOS v 13.3.1


Problem or Feature ?:

Dec Axis slew remains active when finger removed from screen.

I guess this could be a feature, but it is a little unnerving .


 When I select a Slew in the DEC axis in Skysafari pro , I can get the direction arrow to remain active when finger is removed.

It will continue to slew in the direction selected until I touch and release  a DEC direction arrow .


It seems to be caused if you have the IOS feature “ALLOW MULTIPLE APPS” enabled

This feature lets you access another app with the “Slide-Over-sidebar”. That is, if you touch and swipe from the right to left.

If you accidentally do a slight swipe right to left, as you touch the DEC slew arrows in the Skysafari app, it locks the slew arrow ON.


To Prevent this You either :

Touch the DEC slew button carefully 

OR turn  off  the feature  ALLOW MULTIPLE APPS, in the settings, under HOME SCREEN & DOCK.

Let me know if you have any questions on this.

Take care


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    Keiron Smith

    Thank you, Steve, for this extensive troubleshooting report!

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