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Questions About Lessons And How To Use Starry Night College (Answer: Read On!)


I'm having issues in Starry Night.

1) When I pick a rate (let's say one minute) for running time forward and push the run time forward button the time goes crazy and starts running forward hours at a time, not at the time I put in.

2) In the "lessons" in the SkyGuide (Unit A, Unit B, etc) things on the main screen are not showing up like they are supposed to, one example is that there is supposed to be a meridian guideline in one of the sections, but it doesn't show up, so I can't answer the question. That is only one example of many.

3) Concerning the questions, I can't click on the answers, so I have no idea of knowing which one is correct.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Charles, 

    If you choose rate "1 minute" then instead of pressing play and running the time forward choose to advance time in incremental steps using the other button.

    Regarding lessons please be specific about which lesson exactly does not show the meridian, or the "things on the main screen".  And please be specific about exactly what things you are expecting to see.

    You are not supposed to see which is the correct answer.  Please discuss answers with your instructor.



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    Keiron Smith

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    Lisa Fabian

    With the degrees being the feet 

    It would add up to 3600 ft 

    Then divide that by the time which is one year at 320 days in a year hereinbefore estimated. 

    With that being 7680 days in a year and then mins in a day is 4608 m/d 

    At the 1474,560 mins in a year with the 884736 seconds in a year the equation would be 

    1474500/3600=409.6 ft 


    2160=3600 is equal to 3600 

    very year when 2160 mins comes around  is 6 degrees movement in a year. 

    6° moves every 2160 mins 

    Divide the 2160 by 2 =90 mins 

    This is a mirrored answer 

    3° is possible every 90mins with a parallel view 

    6° is possible every 2160 mins off only point to point with the slope at 0 it gives you the ability to view at how many seconds does the six degrees move 

    Every 36 hours the motion is moving at .016666667 mph with the slope at 0 you can then put the points at point to point to point. 

    Basically it will move six degrees every .016666667 and every 36 hours has the possibility of a parallel view because we divided the 2160mins it is a Radius answer. 




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    Lisa Fabian

    I mean c sorry

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    Lisa Fabian

    I like the flag on your uniform i remember when they found the SSi and turned it back on. I do alot of research with nasa like the quantum of the shapes to the black hole it actually seems easiest after adding shapes to gravity lol

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