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Is SkySafari 6 Pro On iOS 13 Compatible With SkyFi 3 + Hubble SkyHub-B? (Answer: Users Say SkyFi 3 Will Not Work, But You Can Connect From macOS Bluetooth To SkyHub-B)

Does Skyfi 3 work properly with Hubble SkyHub-B & iPad Air (model: md788j/a) iOS12.4.5 & SkySafari 6 Plus?

Hubble SkyHub-B is the following product:


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    Keiron Smith

    This webpage CLAIMS SkySafari is supported:,56433

    However, we have never tested this configuration and it is not officially supported.

    Would be great if someone else in our community forums can verify this configuration successfully.


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    Ted Montgomery

    I have purchased both the SkyFi III and the SkyHub-B units and they do NOT work together, in spite of several efforts! I have tried all PIN configurations to the SkyHub, but to no avail. While the Bluetooth>MacBook works fine in the SkyHub, the USB connection to SkyFi III simply does not work for me.

    The claims on Hubble Optics website are for earlier versions of the SkyFi unit. A fellow, Tong, from Hubble Optics, told me last month in an email that he did not know if their SkyHub would work any longer with SkyFi...I should have listened!

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    Thank you for the information!

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