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[Bug]* SkySafari 6 Pro on Android + Celestron StarSense Plate Solve Fail (Answer: Celestron Is Beta Testing The Fix Now)

It is very frustrating for users to upgrade to skysafari from skyportal, but skyportal actually works better in terms of telescope connectivity.

Why don't you get the existing skyportal code and port it over to skysafari which should fix glitches related to adding alignment point references.




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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Steve, 

    This is a known issue that Celestron is working hard on.  Please follow the existing discussion(s).

    [Bug]* SkySafari 6 Pro on Android + Celestron StarSense Plate Solve Fail



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    Great news.  After over 18 months of problems, SkySafari-6 Pro for Android now works again with Celestron StarSense and Celestron Evolution WiFi mounts!!!

    I never received a notice from SkySafari, but after receiving a notice from Celestron yesterday that they'd finally "fixed" the StarSense code and had released a public version of their SkyPortal APP (actually written by the SkySafari folks) for both iOS and Android, and that they'd passed the fixed code to SkySafari, I checked this evening for a SkySafari update.  And by golly, there it was on Google Play -- a brand new update for SkySafari-6 Pro.  

    I updated it on my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and raced to the back yard where my Evo mount with SS was still setup from last night's successful SkyPortal APP tests.  I tapped "Align and Connect" and the mount took off -- and got three successful plate-solves on the first try!  OMG.  I Calibrated center position, tapped OK for another auto-alignment, and once again, it got three plate-solves on the first try -- not a single failure.

    I haven't tried the latest SkySafari update with a SkyPortal Wi-Fi device yet, but it probably works too.


    Thanks guys.


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