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How To Setup SkySafari 6 Pro + ArgoNavis + ServoCAT + Roving Networks/Microchip Tech RN-270M Bluetooth Adapter? (Answer: Read On!)



Today I did a daytime test with above configuration. I had a connection of SkySafari to ArgoNavis and the ServoCAT did what I think it should do. Nevertheless I have some questions:


1. The manual of  Bluetooth RN-270M says, the default BAUD rate would be 115.200 kbps. I have not changed this, but BAUD rate of ArgoNavis is 9600 kbps. Should I change the RN-270M BAUD rate or leave  the default?


2. Till now I used SkySafari via BDSC Bluetooth with another (second) dobsonian scope. For them there are other encoder steps  settings in SkySafari. But for the new configuration above I have to change the equipment selection (scope type "MeadeLX 200 Classic" and the mount type "Alt-Az GoTo"). With this selection there are no Encoder Step Settings and I ask me if they are not relevant respectively can I ignore the wrong settings from my other BDSC scope?


3. Is it correct that I only have to do an alignment of ArgoNavis, no more alignment of SkySafari?


4. Does any body knows something about "sniff mode" in the manual of Roving Networks? Should I apply this to RN-270M for saving power in cold weather conditions?


thank you for your reply




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