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Should I Share LiveSky with SkySafari & SkyPortal? (Answer: Sure, Why Not? That Is What LiveSky Is Designed For!)

I am using SkyPortal with my Advanced VX telescope because I am having connection issues with SkySafari (different post).  On Startup SkyPortal asks me if I want to setup LiveView.  If I share with SkyPortal settings will probably sync but SkyPortal is a watered down SkySafari.  Will it cause any issues if I share accounts?



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Bryan, 

    You can share you LiveSky settings across both apps if you want.  Or, create a new, different LiveSky account (requires different email address).

    But, really, LiveSky is DESIGNED to share you settings across multiple apps - SkyPortal, SkySafari and Starry Night.  There is no problem doing this.


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