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Why Are Comet Magnitudes in SkySafari 6 Pro Sometimes Inaccurate? (Answer: Read On!)

Hello, I am a proud user of sky safari 6 pro. I am an Astrophotographer and I always have this problem with the comets apparent magnitude that the app shows. The app shows highly erroneous magnitude for comets. For example the comet blanpain has a magnitude of +22 but the app shows it to be +3.5 and that's highly misleading.. please do something about it...

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    Pedro Braganca

    Hi Naiteek, the IAU Minor Planet Centre updates this data.  We've reached out to them to correct the data on several comets.  But generally, although we use the latest prediction algorithms - comets magnitudes are notoriously difficult to predict with any degree of accuracy.  Make sure to update the data often by going to Settings-Solar System (scroll down to update minor planet data).  Thank you.

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