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Commands Errors Sent From SkySafari To The Meade #497 hand Controller (Answer: We Will Review This Report)

I'm using SkySafari 6 Plus running on Android tablet. I have built a bluetooth module to connect to a Meade Autostar 497 which controls a DS2000 mount. The interface in SkySafari is great but I found a couple of problems. With the boxed checked to set the Time and Location, the log file shows that you are not sending the commands to set the time or date and longitude. You are sending the command to set the Latitude but there is an error in the command. Your sending :St+DD*MM for my location which gives an error 13 . The correct command should be :Sts+DD*MM your missing the "s". Also it would be great if you could add the commands to send the Time Date and Longitude. This will add GPS accuracy to the Autostar 497 like the other GPS equipment telescopes without the need to add an external GPS module.

Many Thanks
Dave Groski
Director Mt Cuba Observatory


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    Ros Hartigan

    Thanks Dave!

    We will take look at the issue.

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        I just updated both SkySafari PRO 6 and  PLUS for Android and PRO 6 for ISO and then looked at the log files  when my Autostar 497 is connected to may tablets. I still see that when I have the boxed checked to send the Time, Data and Location, the only command sent is  that for the location and it still has the misspelling of the command so it generates an error.  Any idea when the error might get fixed ?

               Many Thanks ! 

                - Dave  

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