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Error in trajectories of Cassini, Juno, and Galileo spacecraft in SS 6 Pro, bug?

I have just download Sky Safari 6 Pro on my iPhone, and have been enjoying it very much. However, whenever I search for either Cassini, Juno, or Galileo, and then select "orbit," some problems arise. Their orbit paths/trajectories do not seem to match at all with what I can find online. Also, when I then adjust the time to their respective launch dates, these spacecraft are nowhere near Earth. Finally, the app does not let me pan around to see other angles of these spacecraft unless I zoom out a lot. I have tried this with the Voyagers and Pioneers, and they do not have these issues for some reason, which is strange. 

After discovering the issue, I downloaded SS6 pro on my iPad and the same issue occurred. Could I be doing something wrong?



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    Pedro Braganca

    Hi Connor,  I'm able to replicate the behavior you describe - this appears to be a bug.  I'll report it to our dev team.  

    If you orbit one of those spacecraft - try to select a background star - you should then be able to pan around the spacecraft and use the elevation controls - select the spacecraft again to label it and draw its orbit (if you have this setting enabled under Settings-Solar System). A bit of a workaround for this issue in the meantime.


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    Connor Wang

    Thank you!

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