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How To Create A Custom Label For A FOV Indicator? (Answer: Read On)

Hi there, I would like to set a custom label for the FOV Indicator on the SkySafari screen - at the moment it gives me the full equipment selection, eg "Nexstar Evolution 9.25, ASI224MC, Barlow 2x", or "Nexstar Evolution 9.25, X-Cel 12, f/6.3 reducer" etc which makes it impossible to read on the screen. If I could create custom labels eg "224MC 2X", "12mm f6.3", "40mm" it would be much easier. I know what kind of scope and OTA I have, it doesn't need to be displayed every time :)

Just a thought, thanks.

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    You can do this by adding custom equipment instead of equipment from their database, then using whatever names you want. I've done this for my FOV indicators to include paracorr settings in the names of eyepieces so I know at the scope what to set it to. Good luck!

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