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Can I lower SS 5's horizon line so that more sky is visible?


I'm using SkySafari 5 Plus on an iPad with latest iOS. I would love to be able to lower or 'drop' the horizon line while maintaining its 'straightness' so that the majority of my iPad's screen is showing sky above the horizon with the horizon line parallel to the bottom of the screen. I can't find a way to do this in settings and am wondering if I'm missing something.

Thank you in advance.


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    Pedro Braganca

    Hi Dave, SkySafari renders the inside of a sphere.  As your field of view increases, the horizon live will curve to maintain perspective.  We don't have a equirectangular projection option - where the sky is drawn flat. 

    However, if you zoom in (smaller fov) the line is nearly horizontal - or flat.  

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    Dave Farrant

    Hi Pedro,

    Understood and much appreciated!


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