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How To Connect SkySafari 6 Pro + SkyFi III + iOptron MiniTower Pro + Google Pixel 3 Android Phone? (Answer: Read On!)

I thought I had an issue connecting my SkyFi III to the iOptron MiniTower Pro with the 8401 Hand controller using SkySafari Pro, but I discover my issue. I am using the SkySafari on a Google Pixel 3 smartphone. In order for the phone to see the SkyFi, you must first align the scope using the MiniTower software and lock onto the target. For example, I used the planet Venus last night (because it's shining at a magnitude -4.5 and can't be missed) then connect the phone to the SkyFi III WiFi, this is where I was confused. Don't try a Bluetooth connection because it won't work. Go into settings, network & Internet Wi-Fi and allow the phone to search for the Wi-Fi signal coming from the SkyFi. You will then see the SkyFi listed. Just click on the SkyFi and then you will get a message that "SkyFi has no internet, and to tap for options. once you tap that question, you will be asked if you want to stay with the connection. Tap yes! If you don't, the phone will revert back to your home network and you won't be able to control the SkiFi. At this point, Get back into the SkySafari software and click Connect. At this point, you should be able to control the telescope using the SkySafari with the smartphone.
I should mention that you need to connect the hand controller to the SkiFi using the USB cable. I am having a issue with the cable coming out of the hand controller every time the scope moves from one area of the sky to the other. I was able to tighten the connection up with wrapping household tape around the USB B part of the cable, but that is not working well. I may use the silver duck tape, but not had the chance. I am open for suggestions..

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    Keiron Smith

    Thank you Jeffery for sharing your success story here!  Clear skies, and stay safe!

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