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Observing experience with SkySafari 6

Hi, I took the Celestron Evolution telescope out for an observing session last night for the first time in a while. I had a really great experience.  The SkySafari integration is a pleasure to use.

I did have a few glitches that I want to report. It has been a while but I remember that there used to be a slider to hide observed objects from the sky map when an observing list is highlighted.  That slider is gone or has moved.  I think that the replacement functionality is when looking at the observing list, there are three choices along the top, "All, Observed, Unobserved" that would allow me to switch to "Unobserved" and then return to the sky map and have objects disappear from the highlighting after a new observation is created. Unfortunately I found that the "Observed" and "Unobserved" toggle did nothing.  It remained displaying "All" even when choosing one of the other two options.

The remaining two issues might be Celestron problems and I should contact them about it.

The second issue I have is with the StarSence camera.  I could not get it to calibrate properly. Calibration would usually fail starting that I was too far away from the selected object.  A few times it did complete the calibration but then the object continued to be just outside of the field of view when slewing.  It wasn't a big deal because it was close enough to slew the object into the center but in the past I was getting spot on calibration.

Thirdly, and it may be a glitch in the Celestron wifi, it will have occasional disconnects from SkySafari where the app will freeze for about 30 seconds and then resume functioning.  I have the first edition of the Evolution and I have heard that there are newer models so I'm not sure if there is a fix.

It is always a fun time using SkySafari. Thanks for making a superb product.

SkySafari 6 Pro
iPad Mini 5 iOS 13.4.1
Celestron Evolution App version = 7.17.98  Boot Version = 3.1.9120
StarSense Accessory Camera App version = 1.2.13343



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