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Why Do I Keep Having Hit And Miss Connections With Celestron WiFi Using SkyQLink 2 + SkyProdigy 130? (Answer: Contact Celestron For A SkyQLink Replacement)

I am having issues connecting from SkySafari 6 pro and/or SkyPortal to my telescope via Celestron SkyQLink 2 wifi module (#93959). The error exactly says “SkySafari 6 Pro can make a wireless network connection to the scope, but the scope is not responding. Make sure it is connected and powered on. Also check that your scope type is correct.”

There were several times the connection went ok - but often times, this error would come up more than I would like.

My current setup: SkyProdigy 130, SkyQLink2 (#93959), SkySafari 6 pro (via Celestron Wi-Fi)

I have attached images of the settings from the app I use to connect to my scope. I did various troubleshootings like unplugging the hand controller to see if the wifi module would respond, updating telescope firmware with CFM. As well as resetting the SkyQ module hardware.


Symptoms after I try connecting the application to the scope:
-The scope isn’t responding to handcontroller inputs.
-After successfully connecting the app (occasionally). Motor tracking is automatically on whereas I did not gave a command for it to GoTo or align with an object - this happens right after the ‘ding’ sounds after it establishes connection between the app and the scope.

-Also I have read somewhere that if I use the SkyQLink 2 module. Whenever I made an alignment, it is supposed to ‘sync’ its calibrations to the StarSense algorithm - this is not the case unfortunately. I have to do the alignment again (3 bright stars) In every session.


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    Keiron Smith


    Try using the direct connect mode.

    If that does not work, I'm going to suggest you contact Celestron for a replacement.  There are many reports of "flaky" Celestron WiFi module (aka SkyQLink) connections, and the solution is to get a replacement; i.e. this may be a hardware issue.

    Phone: 1-800-421-9649


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    Ernest L

    Thanks Keiron! I did try Direct connect mode, unfortunately the issues persist. I shall contact Celestron. Thank you very much

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    Keiron Smith

    You're welcome, Ernest!  

    Please update here when you get your replacement.

    Clear skies and stay safe!

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