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How To Setup SkySafari 6 Pro + Dobson Dream 8? (User Needs Community Help)

Hi, does anybody know how to get the Dobson Dream 8 to work with SkySafari 6 Pro?

All I get after setting up the telescope to the Basic encoders, then coming out .then selecting Push to go.

The WiFi auto detect can't find the IP address, or Port, so I have to put the IP Address in manually and I can't find

what the Port is as it only tells me the IP

After I do what I think is all correct, I try to connect to the Telescope and all I get is a "Connection Failure" notice,

I click OK and sometimes the APP ends and sometimes it's fine. Every PC and laptop and my Android.see's the

Dobson Dream 8 so why can't SkySafari 6 Pro?

Do anybody have any ideas?



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    Mark Braddow

    connect via wifi box 


    port 1234

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