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Creating observing lists

Great App,

In SkySafari Pro 6 I can create my own lists by adding objects one at a time or if I do a search I can select several objects to add to a list but I would like to be able to get information from outside of the app such as a list of objects in a spreadsheet and import that in to make a list so that I reduce the amount of manual work to a minimum. something like a csv list or spreadsheet from Sheets app. Is this something that would be possible, if you look at  say Near Earth Objects I cannot see any way to separate them into the various groups using SkySafari Pro 6 at present.


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    The only thing I know to do is import lists others have created. Do this by going to Observe > Observing Lists and then Import from Online Repository at the bottom. If the list doesn't exist there, I know you can make one and provide to them to upload to the repository for others. Unfortunately, creating these lists the first time canbe, as you mentioned, rather time consuming.

    It would be a nice feature to be able to copy/paste in, for example, a list of 30 NGC objects and it runs a search and comes back with ones that had an exact match.

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