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How Come I Cannot Find Database Option For Bright NGC Objects? (Answer: SN8 Uses A New Database, User Guide Needs Updating)

Hi all,

I'm learning my way around Starry Night Pro v8, and have some Newbie questions:  In the user manual, it gives an example on how to isolate the

Isolating the Hyades Cluster (pg 36) in Starry Night Pro, version 8 (which is my version).  In the instructions it says:

"2. Ensure that the star database (in the “Stars” layer of the Options search results pane) is turned on,
and the “Bright NGC Objects” database (in the “Deep Space” layer) is turned off."

Under the "Stars" Layer, I only see options for Exoplanets, H-R Diagram, Milky Way, Pulsars, & Stars (which has a submenu of Labels, Limit by Distance, Limit by Magnitude, Mark Binaries, Mark Variables, Proper Motion Vectors".  How can I find the "Database" Option?

As well, in the "Deep Space" layer, I only see options for Deep Sky, Historical Supernovae, Quasars, User Images, 3D Galaxies.  How can I find the option for "Bright NGC Objects"?

Thanks in advance!



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Will, 

    The User Guide needs to be updated to reflect the new databases that have been created.  In recent years, we have merged or replaced databases.  All the stars are still there.  The database is better.  The User Guide is confusing for sure.

    That said, you can achieve the same end result.  Just turn off all the Deep Space layers, and apply motion vectors 140lyr -170lyr to the Stars > Stars database, like this:

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    Will Khan

    Thanks Keiron, I'll give it try!  Hopefully the user manual will get updated soon...



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