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Searching NGC objects faster

I would love if we could add a feature in the search, similar to the Messier (M#) feature, where I could enter N4939 and it bring up NGC 4939 automatically.  Possibly even add this for P (PGC) and I (IC) as well.  I also wish that a search for 4939 would list the NGC first, then UGC or IC next, then whatever else if found, as NGC is going to be the most common result for almost any search, especially a 4 digit search.  Right now, 4939, just as a random example, brings up a mag 17.7 asteroid first, then a star, HR 4939, then another star HD 4939, then SAO 4939, another random star, then HIP 4939, another random star, then ADS 4939, again, a star, THEN NGC, IC, UGC and PGC as the next 4 objects.  How often are people searching specific star names versus DSOs?  Seems like it has to be rare.  

I never noticed before, but after a few more searches, it seems like it's currently always prioritizing the star catalogs over the NGC/IC/UGC/PGC catalogs.  Seems backwards. 



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