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Please bring back the "Observed" check box under "Create New Observation"

There's no doubt the Observing Lists on SS6 are leaps and bounds ahead of previous versions, but at least on SS4 we were able to create an observation for any object and, at the same time, having the option to uncheck the "Observed" field, so that we could add as much info as deemed necessary for an oncoming observation (usually, in my particular case, copied and pasted from another source, such as some piece of news about recently discovered features on a star, for instance).Unfortunately this cannot apparently be done as per SS6 feaures now:

AFAIK, you can only hit Create Observation and that goes straight into the Observations list for that object; or you can add it to an Observing List - in both cases however, there is no option to add whatever info you may deem important before you come to finally observe it.
I know you could add the info to the observation in case, but that would detract from the fact I haven't observed it yet - not to mention it would make it confusing as to whether I've already observed it or not.


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