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[UX Issue]* Why Does Celestron Motor Focus Overshoots Focus In One Direction? (Answer: Celestron Designed It That Way)

I'm using SS Pro with Celestron Focus Motor on a Nexstar Evo. When I use the new focus function from a higher setting to a lower setting, the motor goes past the desired setting by a lot and then reverses direction to slowly reach the desired setting. When I go from a lower setting to a higher setting, the motor goes directly to the desired setting without overshooting it. Even when using the smallest step size going from high to low, the motor overshoots. This makes focusing very time consuming and frustrating.

This does not occur when using SharpCap and Celestron's own ASCOM drivers.

Can this be fixed?

Thanks for any suggestions.



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    Keiron Smith Official comment
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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Jerry, 

    This issue was recognized during in-house testing and apparently that is the way Celestron have designed it.  So, it is not programming issue regarding SkySafari.

    I will ask Celestron to review again our feedback, but can't promise anything will change.


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