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[Feature Request] Can we lower the horizon please


I just wrote a post somewhere asking how to lower the horizon as it takes up a third of the screen.

I was told that it can't be done and it has been like this for 20 years.

So for 20 years Starry Nights has been 1 third horizon and 2 thirds the Stars.

But when we go outside, we don't go and look at the ground, do we?  Hell no!  We look at the stars.  But if we do this with the program, it looks like we are looking through a fishbowl, WT...

That is not like that when we look at the stars outside in real life is it?  Hell no!  So can we please have the option to lower the horizon so we can look at more of the night sky.

I, like most people, look up at the stars and look at them and find familiar stars and then follow it to the next and the next and the next and so on.  It is a bit hard when it is being done looking through a fishbowl as the stars are not where they are meant to be as they are distorted due to the fishbowl affect.

So can we please have the ability to lower the horizon so we can see more of the sky and less of the ground? 

I hope I explained it well, more night sky and less horizon

stay safe everyone and clear skies to all  :)




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    Ronald Mallett

    I agree, dont take the horizon to the bottom of the screen as it us nice to see what is going to appear but it definately needs lowering so at least the zenith is below the top of the screen while the horizon is horizontal

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    Bear Mitchell

    Thank you for you vote Ronald  :)

    And I do agree we still need the horizon, as at least I would get disorientated if it was gone all together.

    All we need now is more people to think the same as we do, but most importantly, it must be the programmers to be on the same page as us, as they are the ones who write the brilliant software.

    Lowering without going into fishbowl mode would be grouse, it can't be that hard to do, we do it when we go outside (not go into fishbowl mode) raise our head to see more stars and less horizon without fishbowl mode in real life, why do we get it in Starry Night?

    I sit in a chair out in the middle of nowhere and look up, and I do not see fishbowl vision, but Starry Night does when I view in it

    Please, please, please, please, please, please, etc can we have the ability to lower the horizon so we can see more of the sky without seeing the sky in fish bowl mode

    (I tried to upload a link to a screenshot but it does not like it, so use your imagination, or go to the Starry Night 8 program)

    Thank you all who read this - stay safe to all and that goes to your family and friends - clear skies to all (unless u r in a drought, I hope u get rain)


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    moody hameed

    I thought there was a way to lower the horizon- I just use a different default altitude setting (the higher it is, the less of the horizon you see, as it is supposed to simulate your viewing angle, so set it to somewhere between 20 and 30 degrees as I do, and the horizon is near the bottom of the screen.)  The option to change alt and az is in Preferences.

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