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How To Keep An Object In SkySafari 6 Pro Centered On The Screen? (Answer: Use The Center Button)

I'm running Sky Safari 6 Pro on Android on a Galaxy S10+. When I select an object from a search or from an observing list it may stay visible and centered only for a short period of time and then ut puts me out in space some place and the screen moves around. I do imaging and use defined FOVs for my scope & camera combinations and when I generally first select an object I zoom into the object to see it and my FOVs. It can stay there for a bit (generally seconds) then it automatically moves me into space and I have to zoom the field back out, re-select the object and start everything again. This is becoming a real pain. Is there a way to keep the program locked on an object once it is acquired? I do have a screen video showing this behavior. Appreciate any help.


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    You'll want to make sure you click on the Selection > Center button, or click center from the object's info screen. I've also added the center button directly to my toolbar via the options menu as it's used so often. Hope this helps!

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    Christopher Lyons

    I've used both methods. If I search for an object I generally use the Center button shown on the far left at the bottom of the screen to bring me to the object. I've
    also used the Selection/Center Object button. But both of these may lead to the issue I'm asking about. Odd thing is that it is not consistent, sometimes it holds on the object and other times it doesn't and moves me into space and I have to re-select (or choose Selection/Center Object again).

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