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How Do I Access The SkySafari 6 Pro SynScan WiFi Beta Test? (Answer: SynScan WiFi Is Now Available In The Consumer Version, No Beta Is Required)

I don’t understand: I posted here on Monday and haven’t had any invitation. Am I wasting my time waiting for access to the beta app? At the moment I need to use both iPhone and iPad to run th AZ Gti with Sky Safari 6 plus. 


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    Keiron Smith


    SynScan WiFi is now already available in consumer version.  Look in your ScopeType options.  Make sure your app is up-to-date.


    Please continue to use this community forum to provide feedback on the experience.


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    Rob Morris

    Thanks for your quick reply but I can’t get it to work with the AZ Gti. It was my understanding the new version would not require 2 iOS devices. Fo example I always need to use my phone running the synscan app and the iPad running Sky Safari. Am I missing something?

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