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Why Does SkySafari 6 Pro + iPad Pro + Celestron Evo 9.25 Freeze/Lock Up? (Answer: Read On!)

I have had continuing problems with SkySafari Pro locking and freezing, first an a recent model iPad, now on a new iPad Pro.  I thought my problems were due to an older IPad, but now with a newer IPad Pro, the problems actually seem worse.  I have a Celestron Evo 9.25, and can normally connect and align fairly easily. However, on occasion, during the align process, my scope directional buttons "freeze up," with no resolution other than to disconnect and start over.  Beyond that, my App usually works well over a period of time, but will often "lock" or "freeze" during my searches, causing me to close and open the App.  At best, it loses a bit of accuracy and reconnects.  At worst, it I have to disconnect and realign.  When I say freeze or lock, I mean the App screen becomes completely non-responsive to any touch (search) or command (tool bar).  Any help would be appreciated, as I enjoy using the App 80% of the time. Thanks

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    Keiron Smith

    If the "lock" or "freeze" only occurs when connected to Celestron WiFi then I'm going to point you at Celestron Support for this query.

    Phone: 1-800-421-9649

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