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Allow Compass Mode to be activated without affecting the time setting

SkySafari Pro on iOS.

Please allow the user to set a future date and time to see where an object will be, and then activate Compass Mode without the time being forced back to the current time.

This would allow the user to then hold the iPhone up to the sky to see exactly where the object will be at that future time. Presently, you need to activate compass mode prior to advancing the time, which is much more awkward to do.

I see no reason for the Compass Mode to affect the time setting in any way.


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    It would be most appreciated if a company representative would at least acknowledge having read a post for a feature request.
    As it stands, the impression is that most posts are completely ignored.

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Dean, 

    All SkySafari feature requests are being reviewed for SS7.


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