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"Shortcut" to Observing Site list in Sky Safari 6 Pro serves little purpose

I understand that to Create a New Observing Site, I can simply select Observe, then Sites, then Create New Observing Site, etc. But is that all you can do with this list, add a new observing site? It would be nice to be able to ALSO select one of the sites in the list to be able to easily and quickly change the view to this site, but it doesn't seem to work that way. When I try selecting one of the sites from the list, it will bring up the settings for that particular location, but it doesn't "enable" them. Which I think is silly. Why bother with a "short cut" if you cant' use it that way... If I want to change to a different location listed in my Observing Site List, I have to select Settings, then Location, then select Choose Location From List. Why?


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