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How To Manually Download Comet, Asteroid and Satellite Updates? (Answer: Read On!)

Comet, Asteroid, Satellite Data are downloaded to your Sky Data folder.

  1. Delete the Comets.txt, Asteroids.txt, Satellites.txt files from Sky Data
  2. Start Starry Night
  3. Go to Help > Download Data Updates to download again
  4. Check the Sky Data folder to see the new files have been downloaded

If after deleting the files you can not download them again using Help > Download Data Updates then you can re-download files manually from the URLs below, and put the new files in your Sky Data folder:

Satellite Magnitudes:

Open the Comets.txt file and SEARCH for "C/2020 F3".  

Did you find it?  Then NeoWise is in there!

And, lastly, importantly:

  1. In SN7/SN8 > File > Preferences > Start Up > increase the number of comets read in to 10,000.
  2. Restart SN7/SN8
  3. Search for C/2020 F3



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