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Is There An Alternative SkySafari Setup For ETX-125 Without An Autostar Hand Controller? (Answer: No)

Wonder if there is any alternative way to control my telescope ETX-125, unfortunately the autostar controller is broken and can not find a replacement for it.

Would appreciate any suggestion on how to control my telescope without using the autostar.



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi AVL, 

    There is no alternative.  An Autostar hand controller is required.  However, I do believe replacements are very possible, check with, and look for second-hand.


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    Martinnewbold Mn

    Yes there is AVL you might be lucky , you can use the #505 cable to drive it from Autostar Suite on laptop its on your CD or DVD that came with it and then train and use the handset in your Autostar Suite . I havent got this working with SkyFi yet am unsure why not  it might be bespoke to only work with SkySafari Kierion has told me he will not make it supoort Meade properly which is daft but its thier product and we are in thier hands.



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    Keiron Smith

    Celestron has paid for the development costs associated with their special WiFi alignment operations.  That is why Celestron WiFi is supported in that special way.

    SkySafari + SkyFi 3 works perfectly with all Meade telescopes when the Meade mount is aligned via the hand controller first.

    This is also how SkySafari works with almost every other mount on the market.

    Meade is supported fully, as it always has been.  

    Martin, if your Meade hand controller is broken then you need to get another one.


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