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Tracking motors not turning off when selected

Using the Celestron WIFI portal with a CPC 1100:  everything else seems to work, but the tracking motors do not turn off when selected in the tracking menu.   Any suggestions?  Thanks for the help!



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    Keiron Smith

    Sorry, but it not clear from your brief description what the issue is.  Please provide a detailed summary of the issue including the following:

    1. App and version number.
    2. OS
    3. Device
    4. Alignment procedure
    5. Screenshots of the "tracking menu" to which you refer.


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    Thanks for responding.  I was not certain as to how much info or what type of info to provide.


    1.  App:  Sky Safari 6 pro

    2.  Ipad mini running 13.3 iOS

    3.  Ipad mini

    4.  Celestron CPC 1100 Edge (Alt-Az fork mounted) using the Celestron WIFI Portal

    5. The screenshot I am sending you is part of the menu that is found by touching the Celestron logo (near the rate buttons above the 'disconnect/align buttons) once SkySafari has connected with the Celestron Sky Portal.  I believe I have read that selecting 'off' in the tracking rate menu will stop the motors.  I am looking to use this feature to determine the West Drift of the eyepiece image for sketching purposes.  When I select 'off' in the menu, nothing happens - the motors do not turn off.  I have not selected solar or lunar to see if Jerrythe speed of the motors change.

    6.  Also, even though I have "Hibernate" activated, I am not sure how to 'hibernate' the telescope.  When I 'hibernate' using the Celestron handbox, the motors turn off, which does allow me to determine west drift (I then select 'back' to cancel the hibernation request).  However, I cannot use this handbox function unless I use the handbox to originally align the telescope.  Thus, I'm back to needing Sky Safari to turn off the motors.

    I am using the Sky Safari app to align the telescope - which seems to work well.

    Thanks for your help - it is greatly appreciated.  The 1100 Edge is a new telescope for me and, while I have been a Sky Safari user since the beginning (and love the program), this is the first time I have attempted to control a Celestron telescope via Sky Safari.  Everything else seems to work, and the Gotos seem really quite accurate - almost dead center in a .39 degree fov eyepiece.

    Jerry Jones



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    Paul Sterngold

    I am new to SkySafari and am looking for an answer to this question above, for similar purposes.

    I need the ability to turn off the motors in order to identy the cardinal compass points in the eyepiece, in further order to determine the Position Angles of double stars.

    Was the question above answered? (I don't a reply, except the request for further information.)



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