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Can I Import A Custom Asteroid Dataset In SkySafari 6 Plus? (Answer: No, But Read On!)

I bought an iMac recently and purchased Sky Safari 6 Plus. I've used a few different planetarium packages and this is the nicest one I've seen!

I'm interested in observing minor planets and like to find near-earth objects that could use additional observations to improve their orbit accuracy. I have a utility that takes the NEA orbital element subset from the Minor Planet Center and selects entries using different filter criteria to make a custom subset. For example, all objects of a given class with an uncertainty value of 2-6. I'd like to be able to import this subset as a custom asteroid set and then look for objects available from various locations at a given magnitude limit.

Is there a way to import or replace one of the lists available in your software? Or any suggestions on how I could create a custom asteroid subset?




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    Keiron Smith

    Hi David, 

    You can not do this with SkySafari.  But, you can request it!

    SkySafari | Feature Requests

    You can do this with Starry Night Pro!



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    David Dean

    Submitted a request, thanks!

    Is it possible to get an evaluation copy of Starry Night Pro to try this out? If not that's fine - I'll keep an eye out for a new feature! :)

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