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Why, Since The Update To Android 10, SkySafari 6 Pro Will Not Connect To Skywatcher AZ-GTi Using SynScan App With WiFi (Answer: SynScan App Must Be Allowed To Run In The Background - Read On!)

Until recently I have been able to use my Samsung Tablet S6 (LTE version with Android 9)) to control my Skywatcher AZ-GTi using the Synscan app with Wifi and Skysafari 6 plus without any problem. Since the OS upgrade to Android 10, Skysafari will no longer connect to the mount’s local wifi network, even though Synscan does.   The problem seems to be associated with Android 10, as I have another mobile with an earlier Android OS and this works fine. Does anyone else have this problem? Suggestions, please.

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    This advice from Skywatcher seems to solve the problem.

    "This could be relating to

    For SynScan app to work with Skysafari, SynScan app must be allowed to run while it is switched to Android's background. Please ensure this setting is used: Android System Setting > SynScan App > Battery usage detail > don't restrict"

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