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[Feature Request] Telescope matching view option

How about including an option in Sky Safari, to mirror the view to match how it looks in the eyepiece of refractor or invert the view in the case of a reflector telescope. This would make it easier to star hop to a desired target or match the view of a planet in the app to how it looks at the eyepiece. Just a small convenience I think.

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    There's currently an option to flip the view horizontally or vertically, but unfortunately you can't rotate by a number of degrees to get it to perfectly match. The quick way to do the horizontal or vertical flip is to click on the number of degrees of the current field at the top right of the screen to bring up a submenu, then click which way you want to rotate. Fingers crossed we'll get an option in SkySafari 7 to rotate by degrees either by typing the number or using fingers to rotate.

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