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Problem Getting Starry Night Pro 8 To Start From The Icon

After following the installation instructions using my Registration Number and User Name, the download started and looked typical.  A new Icon appeared on my home page with the Starry Night Pro8 emblem.    I clicked on it,  then the "open" item on the pull down menu, and .............. NOTHING HAPPENED, BUT A BLANK PAGE.  Where do I go from here?   I have owned and been working with computers in the mid 1980's.   I am looking to reach someone in Customer Support ..... no help yet.   Another week or so without success, and I try to get my money back.     Please help if you can.   Thanks.


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    Keiron Smith


    You did not reply to the ticket.  Did you resolve this issue?


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    Hector Jose

    No. I have problems with the ambient sound. Seems it does not work, I can't move the button in the options tag. And another problem is that the program does not save the changes I made, for example the creations of new moons on the planets.

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    David Majors

    On a previous Dell Laptop I ran into this issue.

    I found that running SN in Admin Mode solved that particular issue.

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