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Starry Night 8 Pro Plus Issues With Latest Update (Answer: Now Works!)

Hi, I updated today to Windows 10 build 2004 and the latest Nvidia driver 457 which came out on Oct 29th.  Either one or both cause issues with SNPP8 as when I try to launch the program I get an error message about no updates being available for SNPP7 beta for some reason and then the program does launch but hangs right after start up.  It works after a few seconds but then for some reason the window gets stuck as if I have it set to always be on top. To stop this behavior I have to actually set it to always be on top and then uncheck that.  It still hangs every once awhile.  

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    moody hameed

    it seems like there was an update I didn't know far updating to 8.1.2050 has fixed the above issues.

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