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What Are The Star Magnitudes In SS6 Plus Vs SS6 Pro? (Answer: Pro Has More And Fainter Stars, Plus IAPs)

I have Skysafari V6 Plus on an iPad.  I understand how to change star magnitude limits. But I compare to my Stellarium on my PC and there are way dimmer stars in Stellarium.

Is the magnitude limit in Skysafari v6-plus like 13.5 or something? Do I need the pro version to see dimmer?

Thank you for your expertise.

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    SkySafari Plus includes about 2.5 million stars, which I believe gets you to around 12th magnitude. Pro gets you to 29 million stars, or just under 15th magnitude with the option to purchase the GAIA extension database which gets you to 109 million stars or just over 16th magnitude. Hope this helps!

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