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Why Is There No USBserial Connection Option Available On My Macbook? (Answer: A MacOS-Specific Driver Is Required)

Hi Everyone,

I've been running SN Pro 8 on a 2013 MacPro with zero issues, everything works including telescope control. 

Today I installed SN Pro 8 on my Mac Laptop, a mid 2010 13" MacBook Pro and the installation went fine and the program loads fine but I'm unable to connect to my telescope. It doesn't show up in the "Connection" pulldown menu. See photos below...

The MacPro is running OS 10.15.7 and the MacBook Pro is running OS 10.13.6 (the most current version of Mac OS it can run). Both are maxed out with memory.
Using the same cable for both

Any ideas?

Here's the working MacPro Control setup window


Here's the NOT working MacBook Pro Window


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    Kevin Whitcomb

    I forgot to mention that the MacBook Pro does recognize the telescope when it's plugged in via USB

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    Kevin Whitcomb

    Wow, and I also forgot to mention the telescope is a Meade RCX400 14"

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Kevin, 

    The "USBserial" option is only available IF a macOS-specific USBserial driver has been installed.  Go to your USBserial manufacturer support website and download the specific macOS driver required.


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