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How To Import Pre-Made Observing ListS Into SkySafari 6 Pro? (Answer: Email The List To Yourself, And Open It With SkySafari - Read On!)

I'm trying to figure out how to import a pre-made SkySafari Observing List which has 110 objects and already exists as a *.skylist file on an iPhone.  

The list is the new RASC Double Star observing program.  It appears on their website with the file available to download.  You'll find it near the bottom of the page -- "Observing List: double stars target list for SkySafari (remove TXT)" It is a *.txt file, and it has directions that after you download it you are supposed to delete the .txt so that it is only a .skylist file.  After finally figuring out how to do this on an iphone, I can't figure out how to actually IMPORT the file into SkySafari with all of the objects on the list. 

When adding a new list in the Observing List menu, there are only two options:

  1. Starting one from scratch, or
  2. Adding one from online repository. 

This list is still fairly new and has not yet been added to the set of online lists that can be chosen from.  So neither of these two options is allowing me to import a list from a saved file.  

The other thing I tried was going into my "File" app in the iPhone, and actually opening the *.skylist file that I had created.  The file auto opens in SkySafari 6 Pro, but it is automatically generating a new observing list that has zero objects.  So it's not actually importing the objects at all.  

There's a disconnect there somewhere, or else there's something wrong with the file on the RASC website from where I'm downloading.  


Can anyone see an obvious error that I am overlooking?  Thanks for helping!  

As a side note, can someone figure out how to add this new RASC list to the online repository so that everyone can find and use it easily?


Many thanks!



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    Garry Bluhm

    Hi Eric,

    Not sure what the problem is with your procedure. I couldn’t get the file renamed using my iPad so used my PC. Downloaded file on PC & removed the .txt extension & saved as .skylist file. Emailed file & opened in Mail on iPad. Opening file will allow to import direct into SS6Pro.

    Here is a shared link that I created in LiveSky for you to download/import the observing list:

    Give the link a few seconds to load the observing list.

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    Eric Klaszus

    Thanks for that, Garry!  It worked using your link.  It took a while to come up on the screen as you mentioned, but this was a good workaround and I was able to import it from there.  Not sure why it wasn't working for me before -- I think that changing the file name from a non-mobile device was the golden ticket. 

    Many thanks!  Now I have lots to keep me busy during the full moons.  

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    Berta Beltran

    Thanks Eric and Garry! I was having the exact same issue and the workaround of mailing the list to myself and opening it directly from the email application has worked for me too!


    Thanks !

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