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Skyguide is not active

Thank you for the availability of this forum re Starry Night Proplus 8

I too have had problems with the sky guide turning itself off. I had been using pro plus for some time when this guide suddenly turned itself off.  I agree with others that not having it is very inconvenient.

I have tried the changes recommended in Internet explorer 11 with no luck.

I have tried turning off Microsoft Edge, I have reinstalled a\internet explorer 11 and I have closed all of the anti-virus software including Microsoft anti-virus, Malwarebytes, and super anti-spyware professional. None of these make any  change.

Recently however I went into msconfig/General and then changed to diagnostic start up, which loads only basic services. With this change in place nothing else works but pro plus is fine and loads the sky guide as required. Clearly there is a program loading normally which blocks this. Can any experts help


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