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Why Does SkyFi 3 Shut Down With 50% Of Charge Remaining?

The battery in my SkyFi 3 seems to run out quickly, well short of 10 hours operating time, and also seems to lose charge when stored. I just upgraded to SkyFi 3 in March. I loaded firmware 1.3.4 then to ensure I had the latest. What I noticed is that it seems if I let the SkyFi sit (in the house) for say 2 weeks, I won't even get 15 minutes of run time out of it at the scope.

Most recently I used it the evening of Oct 17. Charged it to 100% that night. I went out on Oct 20 and only got 4.5 hours of use before the power ran out. I assumed the battery was drained so I charged it overnight and checked this morning and the battery is charging to 100%.   However, It may have been just at ~50% as I've later discovered that's when it appears to shut down (see log notes below).  Just to be sure moving forward, I again reloaded firmware 1.3.4 to on Oct 21st.  

Temperatures during use were above 50ºF and as I said, I store it indoors.

Here is a log of what has been happening:

Oct 20: 100% charged
Oct 20: AM reinstalled firmware 1.3.4; Still 100% afterwards
Oct 22 @ 1600: Battery @ 95%
Oct 22 @ 2255: Used for 3 hours then battery @ 74%
Oct 23 @ 1315: Battery @ 73%
Oct 26 @ 1715: WiFi would not stay on. Battery @ 51%. Plugged into charger, unplugged from charger and then it did stay on
Oct 28 @ 2300: WiFi came on and stayed on. Battery @ 10%

Oct 28: Charged battery to 100%
Oct 31 @ 1400: battery at 93%
Nov 3 @ 2000: battery at 91%
Nov 3 @ 2200: after 2 hrs use, battery at 69%
Nov 4 @ 2000: battery at 69%. Started using the SkyFi
Nov 4 @ 2030: SkyFi shuts down. Battery at 49%. Pressing power button turned it on but it turned off in 10-15 secs. Tried plugging into power source, letting it charge for a minute or two, then unplugging. Unlike the experience on Oct 26, it would not stay on even though it had about 50% charge remaining. Had to plug into power source to charge while I used it.
Nov 4 @ 2200: battery at 100% after charging while in use.


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