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[Feature Request] Selectable Offset of the 'Compass' display in Sky Safari by 90 degrees

Product Suggestion:
By allowing the user to optionally select 90 degree Azimuth and/or Altitude Offsets of the 'Compass' display of Sky Safari, it will allow mounting my IOS Ipad (or phone) flat on the telescope. This should be fine adjustable by a couple of degrees (or so), so I can align the Ipad's displayed view with the telescope's eyepiece view.
This would allow me to use the app as a visual Push-To with any telescope I mount it on. The app allows expansion of the view and would be an elegant new feature of the SkySafari app.

-Don W.


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    think this is scheduled, after many years  of being requested, to be added to SS 7.1.  Here's hoping!

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    Will be very cool for Dobson users ! Serge

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