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[Needs Path To Reproduction] Why Do I Have Incorrect Notation For Arc Seconds And Arc Minutes?

in Skysafari 6 Pro, the upper right display for FOV size never shows " denoting arc seconds. It is fixed at ' denoting arc minutes, until it changes to the symbol for degrees.

As a result, the size of Jupiter is displayed as about 30 arc minutes, instead of the correct value of about 30 arc seconds.


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    Keiron Smith

    Please attach screenshots showing specifically to what you are referring.  

    Please also post:

    1. App and version number.
    2. OS version.
    3. Device make and model

    Thank you.

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    See upper right notation in blue. Skysafari shows the FOV as 32.3 ‘ – for both Jupiter and the Moon.

    As the image zoomed in or out, the notation only displays ‘ for arcminutes or the notation for degrees – never “ for arcseconds.

    Running Skyfafai 6 Pro on my Android Galaxy S10 phone with Android 10.

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    Keiron Smith

    Please save a .skyset file, and share it here via Dropbox (or similar service) or email to me at

    I can not reproduce your issue on Android or macOS.

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