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Why can Ipad Air 4 not connect to SkyFi?

My new iPad Air 4 cannot connect to SkyFi on iPadOS 14.4.

Connecting iPad Air 4 to SkyFi, the automatic IP adres is and I can not see the SkyFi page in safari using

My iPad Air 2 also on iPadOS 14.4 has a perfect connection to SkyFi.

What is the issue with new iPad Air 4?

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    Similar problem here with SkyFi 2.

    iPad Pro 11 3rd gen with IOS 14.6 can see SkyFi but doesn't get a 10.0.0.x IP address

    iPhone 12 Pro with IOS 14.6 behaves the same as above.

    iPad Air 2 running IOS 14.6 works as expected.

    iPad Pro 11 1st gen with IOS 14.4.1 works as expected.


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